Road Design

Transport infrastructure and accessibility -
services in roads and infrastructure:

Roads are a crucial part of our infrastructure projects. At Infrageo Design, we work towards developing cost-effective, modern, and sustainable solutions for road networks. We have extensive experience in road design, maintenance, and construction supervision.

Our main goal at Infrageo Design is to enable efficient and sustainable mobility for people and goods by planning and designing the transport infrastructure of the future. We strive to promote sustainability by incorporating innovative solutions, integrating technological advancements, and minimizing environmental impact through careful material selection and methods. With our expertise and commitment, we are ready to contribute to the creation of a greener and more sustainable society, benefiting both people and the planet.

Our extensive range of services includes feasibility studies, investigations and construction documentation in the following areas:

Advanced Road Design Solutions:

1. Expertise in Alignment Design
2. Road Model Design
3. Intersection/Interchange Design
4. Analysis (Sight Distance, Volumes, Vehicle Tracking, etc.)
5. Layout/Report Production