We have a quality policy aimed at creating a great customer experience and fostering good collaboration. We believe it is important to listen to our customers and create a secure environment where we can develop and improve our collaboration over time. To ensure high quality in our work, we have the following goals:

• Having the right expertise for each assignment
• Delivering on time
• Being accessible to our customers
• Maintaining high service levels
• If you are not satisfied with our work, we provide you with the opportunity to make a complaint.
• We strive for your satisfaction as a customer, and we work hard to achieve that ambition.


At Infrageo Design we continuously work to increase awareness of environmental issues among our employees. We aim to minimize our impact on the environment by using products that are eco-labeled with the Swan or equivalent certifications. In our quality and environmental policy, we have set the following goals:

• Increasing knowledge and awareness of environmental issues among all employees and encouraging them to take personal responsibility for the environment in their daily work.
• Prioritizing products with the least possible environmental impact.
• Collaborating with suppliers, customers, and others to develop our environmental efforts.
• Constantly striving to improve our environmental work and resource utilization.
• We believe that by having a strong quality and environmental policy, we can take responsibility for our impact on the environment and reduce our negative impact on the planet.


We have established overall goals for occupational health and safety. We strive to create jobs and working conditions that promote a secure and safe workplace and contribute to maintaining good health and freedom from accidents. We want to provide our employees with opportunities for responsibility, influence, and development, which in turn fosters high work motivation and good work results. We also want our employees to experience both independence and a sense of community in their work.

We are committed to achieving these goals by: Ensuring that all our employees have the training, information, and resources required to perform their tasks in a safe and healthy manner. Encouraging our employees to actively participate in occupational health and safety work and fostering a culture of openness and cooperation where everyone can contribute their knowledge and experiences. Complying with relevant legislation and other requirements related to occupational health and safety. Continuously evaluating and improving our occupational health and safety work by measuring and analyzing results and implementing necessary actions.

We believe that by having a safe and healthy work environment, we can create a positive workplace culture and provide our employees with opportunities to develop and thrive in their jobs.